Sarah and lee's pre-wedding shoot in birmingham

Sarah and Lee highlight-1.jpg

During a summer heatwave three very pale Brits braved leaving the safety of the shade and headed out into the blue skies for a little photoshoot.

Sarah and Lee are getting married in August and I can pretty confidently say they were both dreading the portraits on the day but, from what they've told me since this session, they're both feeling infinitely more confident for their big day.

Because they have chosen a countryside wedding venue surrounded by lush greenery I thought we contrast that for their pre-wedding shoot. I suggested we head to the canals of Birmingham and had a little potter around near Brindleyplace and Gas Street Basin.

Sarah and Lee highlight-9.jpg

This area holds quite a special significance for me as I spent many hours dawdling around whilst procrastinating from writing my dissertation. I love how peaceful it can seem even though it's bang in a city centre.

To say that Sarah was nervous when we started is something of an understatement, but if you ask her it was Lee that was nervy and she was totally fine. So once she had checked that Lee was ok for the four thousandth time I started snapping away.

Using the gorgeous bridges, buildings and brickwork around the canals we walked around, had a giggle and saw the extent of Sarah's fear of flying insects.

Sarah and Lee highlight-20.jpg

As usual with a pre-shoot it took a little while for them to warm up and forget what they thought they 'should' do on a photoshoot and allow themselves to be themselves.  I love when you can physically see the moment that a couple totally relax and just start going with it.

With just a little direction and a few little games they were soon laughing, playing and sharing Eskimo kisses.

Capturing this couple at their best when they are relaxed and having a laugh is exactly why I love doing pre-wedding sessions. Having the time just the three of us allowing them to feel comfortable to be affection with each other around me without feeling awkward I always find helps make a wedding day so much more relaxed.

A pre-wedding shoot always gives you a real insight to a couple and what they are like together naturally. What I learned from this session - these two are absolute goofballs and I bloody love it!

I really can't wait to photograph their wedding now that they know the being in front of the camera doesn't have to be stiff, stuffy and staged.