A look at 2017

Wow! What a year 2017 has been. Only my second wedding season, by far my busiest and I feel so exceptionally lucky to have worked with some incredible couples, photographed at some incredible venues and had quite a few firsts.

I decided that my first blog post for 2018 should be little look back at some of my favourite photographs from this year. Some of them may not be your 'typical' highlights from a wedding day, but these are the shots where no matter when I look back at them I smile because of the story behind them or just their sheer gorgeousness. So here we go...my whole year rounded up in a small, well as small as I could make it, selection of photographs.


January 2017 - Lucy and Chris's Engagement Shoot

Location - Ryton Pools

Why I love it? The autumnal colours, their closeness and how totally at ease they wait each other.


March 2017 - Haley and Claire's Engagement Shoot

Location - Coombe Abbey Park

Why I love it? Both had warned me how uncomfortable they were in from of the camera but they relaxed so quickly and it resulted in gorgeous photos.


April 2017 - Becky and Mikes's Engagement Shoot

Location - Avoncroft Museum

Why I love it? It was a stolen moment when Mike didn't think I was looking and just planted a kiss on Becky's forehead. It was just a simple, natural gesture.


May 2017 - Andrew and Robert's Wedding

Location - Marriott Hotel, Birmingham

Why I love it? Seeing how Andrew's dad just couldn't hold back the tears hearing his son saying his vows.


June 2017 - Sarah and Matt's Wedding

Location - Stratford-upon- Avon

Why I love it? Why wouldn't I?? Look at their son's face!


June 2017 - Valerie and Adrian's Wedding

Location - Blists Hill Victorian Village

Why I love it? Whilst sitting backwards on a chair swing wasn't comfortable but it makes for one heck of a shot!


June 2017 - Haley and Claire's Wedding

Location - Coventry Pride

Why I love it? Even surrounded by nearly 1000 people they had a stolen moment...just the two of them.


July 2017 - Lucy and Chris's Wedding

Location - Park Farm

Why I love it? As soon as the rest of the party joined the first dance they visibly relaxed and it led to this gorgeous shot.


July 2017 - Fiona and Pete's Wedding

Location - Shustoke Farm Barns

Why I love it? The reaction on Fiona's dad's face, that sheer pride of seeing his daughter get married.


August 2017 - Caz and Ben's Wedding

Location - Curradine Barns

Why I love it? It's not very often I give much direction but Caz's dress was screaming out for a leg flick...then Ben felt left out.


August 2017 - Becky and Mike's Wedding

Location - Wolverhampton

Why I love it? Their first moment at the alter and, even with just their eyes, they made each other laugh,


August 2017 - Sian and Dan's Wedding

Location - Shrewsbury

Why I love it? Whilst walking from the wedding venue to the reception meant some natural moments from the whole party.


August 2017 - Sharon and Phil's Wedding

Location - Hampton Manor

Why I love it? Frankly the best laugh I've ever heard as the bridal party waited to go into the church.


September 2017 - Sharn and George's Blessing

Location - Leamington Spa

Why I love it? This was one of those 'have I really taken that?' moments. The gorgeous lighting in the church and the colours of the stained glass.


September 2017 - Sarah and Oli's Wedding

Location - Norwood Park

Why I love it? What  do you do before you walk back up the aisle as man and wife? The traditional fist pump of course!


October 2017 - Tom and Tammy's Engagement Shoot

Location - Lickey Hills

Why I love it? I love the colours in this one. All the gorgeous greens and yellows as the leaves started to turn for autumn.


November 2017 - Becca and Mike's Wedding

Location - Warwick House

Why I love it? It was a simple moment between the two of them whilst we did the formal group shots.