Bucket List

So I've decided that Wedding Wednesday this week I was going to share with you my little dream board or bucket list I wrote when I started the business. These weddings are either venues or vibes the as a budding photograph would have been beyond my wildest dreams. I've already managed to tick quite a few things off the list which is an incredible feeling.

Since I've written this list a lot of things have changed and now I'm much more about the couple and their story. I love and adore every wedding I am a part of but before my cameras are retired permanently there are a few places, vibes and weddings I am absolutely desperate to do and why they would be a dream to photograph for me.

A fairground wedding.

I love a theme park and just think a wedding with fairground rides would be just AWESOME! I've already ridden a chair swing backwards to get 'the shot' and pulled a muscle in the process but I'd love a carousel or a helter skelter!

A wedding in a Swedish forest.

If you meet me, usually within the first 15 minutes, my love of Sweden and everything Scandinavian is pretty apparent so shooting a wedding in a gorgeous Swedish forest with silver birches and maybe an elk *floats off into a little fantasy world...*

A wedding at The Asylum in London.

Just google it! Industrial, abandoned, stained glass...ooooooo!

A teepee wedding.

Who doesn't want to do a teepee wedding? Full festival vibe with hay bales, wellies and live music would top it all off.

A Spitbank Fort Wedding.

Again, just google it!

A whole wedding story.

I would love for someone to hire me to photograph their proposal and have that whole arch of a couple's love story from the beginning until their wedding day.

A wedding with dogs. Lots and lots of dogs!

Anyone who knows me will know the almost scary amount of love I have for my dog Oswald so photographing a wedding with lots of dogs I'd be like a kid in a playground,.

An elopement.

The intimacy of just a few people at a wedding and that closeness of the people the couple have taken with them to witness their wedding would just lead to the most tenderly gorgeous photographs.

A wedding in an industrial venue.

I love an upcycle (just have a look in my living room!) so shooting in an industrial venue with massive windows, polished concrete floors and open ducting in the ceiling would tick so many boxes!

A wedding in a completely non-traditional wedding venue.

Why not? I love that the wedding industry is taking this real bespoke nature so pretty much anywhere could be a wedding venue. Who knows where this will be? An aquarium, a treehouse, a bungee jump...

A central London wedding.

I love the sights of London so capturing the intimacy of a couple totally in love in the mad hustle and bustle of central London I think could create some stunning photographs.

A destination wedding.

I love to travel and see the world so photographing in a beautiful corner of the world would be incredible. A Malaysian beach, a Hong Kong sky scraper, an Italian village, a French vineyard...the list is endless!

Planning a wedding that's a little out of the ordinary? Get in touch and let's talk about getting your vision captured!