Wedding Bucket list

When I started photographing weddings I thought about the kind of weddings I would like to do. Since then I've learned that every wedding is amazing in it's own way. There are still, however, some things that I would feel like I'd died and gone to heaven if I had a chance to photograph on a wedding day. If you could help me tick something off my bucket list let me know!

  • A fairground wedding (I've ridden a chair swing backwards, but want more!)
  • A wedding in a Swedish forest.
  • A wedding at The Asylum in London.
  • A teepee wedding.
  • A wedding at Pinewood Studios.
  • A Spitbank Fort Wedding
  • A whole wedding story (photographing the engagement, the pre-wedding shoot and then the wedding)
  • LGBT+ weddings (I've done some but more more more please!)
  • A wedding with dogs. Lots and lots of dogs!
  • A beach wedding.
  • An elopement.
  • A wedding in an industrial venue.
  • A wedding in a completely non-traditional wedding venue.
  • A central London wedding.
  • A destination wedding.