It's Engagement Shoot Season

My busiest wedding season is just around the corner which means I'm getting to see most of my brilliant couples again for their pre-wedding shoots.

I treat every couple differently so their engagement shoot is always somewhere that reflects them and either compliments or contrasts their wedding venues. Over the last month three brilliant couples have had a little taste of life in front of my lens.


Michelle and neil

First up were this lovely pair who are getting married this May at the gorgeous most gorgeous venues (keep an eye out for this one coming soon!).

For their shoot we decided to use Elmdon Heath as a backdrop, a place that has a lot of significance for them and a place they felt comfortable. They will both admit that they didn't feel comfortable in front of the camera so, as with all my couples, we just had a wonder around, got them relaxed and just had a good old fashioned natter.

Starting by getting them to just have a moment close to each other and try to match each other's breathing to make them feel more relaxed they soon relaxed. Having reminded them the point of the engagement shoot is to show them as a couple they needed to ignore me and be with each other as much as possible they were soon relaxed enough to be pulling silly faces and having a good giggle. I can't wait for their wedding this May, who needs Harry and Meghan???

jennie and david

A glorious sunny morning saw me driving over to the beautiful town of Bridgnorth of a pre-wedding shoot with the sweethearts that are Jennie and David.

Again, the venue was chosen as they've both grown up around the town and it plays a big part in their lives so would help them feel more relaxed.

Using all of the lovely locations we could in both high town and low we had some gorgeous backdrops for their photographs. I quickly learnt that these two are most comfortable when they're together and looking into each other's eyes really helped make them feel calm.

After all getting horribly out of breath walking up an ill-advised hill we decided to use some of the gorgeous little alleys to help contrast the open spaces we will be using for their August wedding.


Sarah and dean

The moment I met these two, and for the four hours afterwards that we spent chatting, I knew their pre-wedding shoot had to be somewhere funky.

After our original plan fell through I suggested heading down to Digbeth, using the more urban environment to contrast the rustic elegance of their wedding at Shustoke Farm Barns, and my god am I glad we did!

Even though all three of use were sweaty and hot we had an absolute ball! Just having a giggle, playing a few games and just allowing them to totally be themselves, with a minor detour to stop them getting a parking ticket, gave us some gorgeous shots.

These two are the kind of couple you can throw any bizarre instruction at and it will just work. I can't wait for their wedding in June, it's gonna be a BLAST!