Aaron and ben's woodland engagement session

A gorgeous summer morning at the beautiful Cannock Chase was the ideal place for an engagement session! Unusually for an engagement session, and for me, this was the first time I had met Ben having met Aaron earlier in the year to discuss their wedding day and as a self-confessed photo-phobe this session started with me making sure that Ben felt comfortable around me. As a couple who aren't outwardly tactile or cuddly I knew this shoot was going to be all about me stepping back and allowing them to be themselves in these beautiful surroundings.

So we walked through the forests, over their clearings and by the lakes just simply chatting and occasionally stopping for the photographs, nothing posed or unnatural for them, just keeping it simple and letting them be themselves. The whole point of having this engagement session was to help both of them feel less stressed about the portraits on their wedding day so they can relax and enjoy themselves on their wedding day.

Aaron and Ben Eng-14.jpg

With this shoot there's a VERY clear moment where Ben totally relaxed and realised I wasn't some kind of demon with cameras which suck out your soul...or it may have been the thought of coffee and cake getting closer. Either way now relaxed and beginning to even enjoy the session both of this lovely pair started just have a giggle with each other and that's reflected in the photographs. You don't have to be outwardly affectionate or your typical lovey-dovey couple to get some beautiful photographs for your wedding and I know this is something that worries some people. For me, I want you to be yourselves and I want that reflected in that I capture and Aaron and Ben are the perfect example of how this works.

Aaron and Ben Eng-19.jpg

Teasing Ben a little and walking past the coffee shop we took one last shot because I can't resist a log pile (another one of my weird things I love to photograph) we eventually got a coffee fix into Ben and discussed their plans for their day, combining the engagement session with their pre-wedding consultation.

Hopefully now this pair are more looking forward to the portrait session of their wedding day as they're doing everything their way, keeping it simple, small and intimate so we can hopefully now reflect that with their portraits. Bring on September!