Faking it

Now get your mind out of the gutters! This week is all about sharing the advice I give to my couples to make them feel confident and comfortable on their wedding days during the dreaded portraits.

Probably 75%+ of my couples always talk about how much they hate having their photo taken and how much they are dreading it on the day.

I try to keep everything as natural and normal as possible, but there's going to be an element of posing and let's face it, no one is totally comfortable in front of the camera unless it's your job. So here's a few handy hints and tips I give to my couples to help you feel like your best you while having your portraits taken and make them all feel a little more natural.


Don't look at me

The main thing I want you to have during the portraits is time for yourselves as newlyweds.

Usually the first thing I will do is ask you to face each other, hold each other closely and close your eyes. Have a moment just being together, feeling each other breathing and just relax yourselves. For a few moments just totally forget I'm there.

Also, it's never natural to stare down the barrel of a camera lens so unless I specifically ask just keep focussed on your new husband or wife.

Just keep talking

Talk about anything you want to. What you need to get on your next big shop, something you noticed which made you laugh or share your excitement for your honeymoon...anything. Just keep talking!


Well this is where the natural smiles, laughs and looks happen and that's when we get the 'magic'. 


Let it out

If someone or something makes you laugh, catches your attention or makes you cry. Let it happen!

Don't worry about what your face is doing for that moment and just let it go. Holding back on these kinds of emotions will always come across as stiff and unnatural, the total opposite of what we want!

Keeping things natural is all about being yourself, don't feel like you need to look like other wedding couples. Look like YOU!

Get close

Let's face it, you've just got married so if you're ever allowed to be sickeningly close and in love it's right now!

Holding your new husband and wife will not only let us capture the intimacy of your portraits but it'll also give your hands something to do.

Hands are a huge give away when you're feeling uncomfortable so that leads me to...


Hands - they're awkward things aren't they?

Those sausagey little things on the end of your arms are always a source of discomfort for couples. So I'll break this down...

Brides you've got the easier job. Hold your bouquet, thrown an arm over your partner's shoulder or pop your left hand on their chest or arm (helps shows off the ring)

Grooms you've got the hard gig. I have nothing against hands in pockets, but it can sometimes look a bit awkward. So I suggest that you either hold your partner's hands, throw your arms around them or just a gentle touch on the neck or face can be an absolute treat. Just don't leave them hanging there.

It's in the eyes

The main thing here is don't just stare at the camera, no one looks god being wide eyed and unblinking. 

Don't worry about being a 'blinker', I can guarantee that I will get enough shots to make sure your eyes are open so don't even think about it.

If you want to, channel Tyra Banks and give me a 'smize'. This means smiling with your eyes. You don't need a massive grin to look happy, the eyes have it.


Last but by no means least - be YOU

Do you bop your partner on the nose with your index finger?

Scrunch your nose when they make you smile?

Kiss them on the forehead for reassurance?

Do a little dance routine??

Anything you do to make your other half feel comfortable and content do it. If it will make a great photo I might ask you to repeat it but feel free to totally express yourselves and your relationship with what you are doing!

I know the photo I've used isn't strictly one of the couple's portraits, but the register signing usually ends up being one of the most awkward moments of the day so if we can make that fun why not??