FAQ's for lifestyle photography


How does the photosession work?

Let's keep it simple...I turn up and simple photograph what happens. The whole point of a lifestyle shoot is to capture real life as it happens rather than making it forced, take and 'perfect' looking.

Do you limit the amount of photographs we get?

Not at all! I can't guarantee the amount of images you get but I don't believe in this whole '5 edited images' thing. If there's 20 great photos you get them, if there's 100 great photos - you get them!

What do I/we wear?

Whatever you want! Just dress comfortably and don't feel the need to dress matchy matchy. Avoid really narrow stripes and busy patterns but apart from that don't over think it, just be yourself! If worst comes to it, take a photo and send it me.

What if our child/pet/partner doesn't cooperate?

A big part of my job is making my 'subjects' (I hate that term!) relaxed and comfortable and usually it's nerves and stress that makes little ones/fur babies get a bit anxious. But embrace the reality of it - snotty noses, silly faces, they're all part of your family!

What if the weather is bad?

Then we get the umbrellas and wellies out and jump in puddles or we plan to go inside and capture family life - do some baking, jump on the bed or build some Lego!

How do I/we prepare for the photo session?

If outside - then just bring some wet wipes and a drink if children are involved otherwise there's no prep needed!

If inside - just a quick tidy up. At home shoots are great because we aren't limited on time and everyone is at home so they instantly feel more comfortable. It also means if you want to wear your pyjamas you can!

Got a question that isn't here? Just let me know!