some Frequently Asked Questions

It's that time of year when I'm meeting lots of wonderful new couples and talking about their weddings (which is very exciting). I have noticed that there are a few questions popping up in almost all of my consultations so I figured why not put some answers here and let you all get to know me and how I work a little better.


Q: How do we book?

A: Once you've enquired I like to arrange a chance to meet up first to make sure that we are the right fit for each other, after all I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed on your wedding day. If after this meeting you want to book me as your wedding photographer just say so and I will get an invoice and simple contract sent to you then there's a £100 deposit required to secure your date and then I'm all yours!

Q: Have you photographed our venue before?

A: In 95% of cases the answer here is "no". However I don't see this as a bad thing at all, a set of fresh eyes on your venue will mean you will have photographs unlike ones that have been taken there before, making them exclusively yours.


Q: Do we get every photograph you take on the day?

A: Again the answer here is no. If there are photographs with people blinking or that don't quite work out these won't make your final album as I want your wedding photographs to show your wedding day in the absolute best light. You'll still get plenty of photographs, don't worry about that!

Q: I hate posing for photographs. Do we have to?

A: In a way yes, in a way no. I don't like doing any poses which will make you feel uncomfortable, I like to keep it simple but there is an element of posing. Usually this is nothing more than giving you a direction to face and whether to look at me or at each other. I'm not going to make you peep around a tree, lie on the floor or run away from a CGI dinosaur (yes that's a thing apparently!), we keep it simple, natural and most importantly all about you!

Q: Are we going to be away from our wedding for ages for the portraits?

A: Not at all! You've planned your wedding day to spend time with your friends and family not with me so I take you away for as little time as possible just to get the group shots and portraits done somewhere beautiful. I do like to give couples 5-10 minutes on their own to just take in what has just happened and make sure they're relaxed and happy.

Q: When will you start photographing our wedding?

A: This depends on the coverage you choose. If you have the bridal preparation photographs generally I will arrive around 10am (this is different for every couple I work with) or I will arrive at the same time as the groom to the venue.


Q: When will you finish photographing our wedding?

A: Again, this depends on coverage. Some weddings will end after the first dance or when your coverage ends. Others I will stay for a few songs after the first dance to capture some of the party atmosphere of the wedding allowing, crucially, your guest a chance to let themselves go and enjoy themselves without the worry of a camera being in their face.

Q: Why do you sell wedding albums seperately?

A: I like to design wedding albums with my couples. Selling them separately allows for this to be more of a collaborative process so it feels like your album rather than one that's just been churned out. Also, this helps keep my prices down and allowing you to have more coverage. There's no time limit on designing an album after your wedding, it can be done a month, a year or 5 years afterwards.


Q: When will we get to see our wedding photographs?

A: Within a week or two of your wedding I will get a sample album across to you so you can show your guests. Then, usually, within 4 - 6 weeks you will get the full album sent across to you.

Q: Can our friends and family see and buy photographs?

A: Once you have your photographs you have a license to show and download them as you wish. You can give your friends and family the access password and download PIN so you're in control of who sees your wedding photographs. The online album can also be used for you and your loved ones to order prints and pieces of wall art.


Q: What is in this emergency bag we've heard about?

A: This bag has been a lifesaver on so many weddings! It's got everything in there from sewing kits to gaffe tape; tissues to blister plasters and even mini fans for those warmer summer days to help keep you cool!

Q: Do you think we should have an engagement shoot?

A: I love doing the engagement shoots because they really serve a purpose. Not only do you get an additional set of beautiful photographs but it's also a brilliant chance to get to know how I work, for me to get to know what works with you and also gets you used to being in front of the camera. All of these can only serve to make sure you're more relaxed and confident on your wedding day.

Got a question I haven't answered above? Comment below and I will get an answer to you.