Getting the most from your wedding photographer (hopefully me!)

As I prepare myself for heading into my busiest wedding season so far I thought I'd write a little blog post giving some advice to all of my wonderful new, and future, couples about how to make sure we get the best wedding photographs we can get on your big day!

Also, I know that I've missed the Wednesday deadline I've set myself again but I've been busy sitting in my pyjamas and drinking copious amounts of tea.


Number 1 - Meet me!

I insist on meeting all of my couples as soon as they enquire or book me (so if you are one of my 2018 couples it's nice to see you again and I hope you're well!). Why? Well it's simple really, we need to make sure we get on. If we can have a relaxed conversation and a laugh with each other that means on your wedding day I know how to relax you and you can be assured that I'm going to make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible. Also after meeting you I can make sure I personalise your wedding photographs to who you are so they totally reflect you as a couple and your wedding day.


Number 2 - The key people

On your day it's important that I know who the key people are so if I have a problem or need to know something you can still blissfully enjoy your day. I'm also usually a hit with the moms so I will make sure they're happy and comfortable (and not getting in the way which happens sometimes) but usually a maid of honour or best man are my best friends on the day. They are the people who help me organise the group portraits and will be as committed as me to make sure you have the day you have dreamed about.


Number 3 - Trust me!

This is what I always ask my couples to do. I work regularly with couples who aren't comfortable in front of the camera and it's always my aim to make you feel amazing in front of the camera (more on this in Number 5!). I don't like to work with shot lists as I like to capture the moments as they happen but I also won't miss any details. If there is something you particularly need a photograph of (ie something sentimental) just let me know and I guarantee it will be in your wedding album!


Number 4 - The group portraits

For this I always go back to my mantra of keep it simple. I won't be asking your guests to get into a heart shape or anything cheesy. Rest assured that I will always have a list of who you want in the formal portraits, and will ask for an assistant to help me round people up.

These photographs are your choice so when we meet before your wedding we will go through what you want. I tend to start big and get smaller, if time allows. This way your guests can go off and start enjoying themselves without waiting around for photographs but also you'll be much more relaxed by the time it comes to your couple's portraits. This brings me to point number 5.


Number 5 - Just the two of you (and me)

Now we get to the gritty stuff and the part that I know most people dread, it's certainly the part I am dreading about my own wedding day, THE PORTRAITS! There's a few hints and tips I can give to help make this seemingly painful process more pleasurable. So here goes...

  • RELAX! We've spent time getting to know each other so that you feel totally relaxed around me...I just now have a few cameras with me.
  • I will always give you 5-10 minutes alone, just the two of you so that you can relax and revel in the fact you've just got married. This instantly helps couples relax and makes sure we can show the intimacy of your day as well as the celebration.
  • When getting to know you I get an idea of the amount of direction I need to give, but I keep this to an absolute minimum! I want you to be yourselves and show that to the world through my lens. (that sounded pretentious didn't it??)
N&D Sample-11.jpg

Number 6 - and finally...


Your organising your wedding, doing it your day and celebrating your love so don't compare yourself to other couples or other wedding days. Celebrate who you are and show me your you!

Bonus tip

The first kiss...hold it just that little bit longer!