Advice for your lifestyle photo session

Whilst posed studio portraits are lovely there's something so much more special about capturing who you and your family are as unique individuals. Whether its the family you are born into, the one you create or the one you choose yourself we're all different so why not celebrate that?

A family photoshoot doesn't have to involve lying on a white backdrop with your chin resting on your hands (*shudders*). It can be at home baking a cake, out in the park rolling around and being silly or even a day out at the zoo. Wherever a lifestyle session takes place it provides a look into who you are, the people that shape you and the environment little ones are growing up and being shaped by.

Lifestyle imagery can be beautiful, natural and effortless but there's a few little bits of information below to help make your lifestyle session a breeze and just a stress-free way of getting the best out of our time together.

Be Prepared...ish

Lifestyle session - At Home Child's Play Session

Lifestyle session - At Home Child's Play Session

For most people getting themselves and a few little humans (maybe a fur baby or two) ready for a photo session seems like an absolute nightmare. Especially if we're doing an 'at home' session that's another thing on the list to do but trust me, no one lives in a show home. Focus on tidying up a couple of areas for us to use and believe me, I won't judge the bulging cupboards or mountain of toys hiding behind me!

Remember these photographs are capturing your as you are, that's also why I'll NEVER tell you what to wear or how to act. Be yourselves, I'll throw a few prompts in there to get some natural giggles but just be your unique, possibly chaotic, selves and we can make true, authentic photographs!

wherever, whenever...

Lifestyle session - Family Outdoor Shoot

Lifestyle session - Family Outdoor Shoot

Lifestyle shoots always lead to the dilemma of "Where?" and my answer is always "wherever you want". This is the freedom of a lifestyle shoot they can happen anywhere, your living room, a garden, a local park, pretty much anywhere we can access legally!

If you’re having a hard time accepting your house as an acceptable backdrop, set up a favorite activity such as baking, playing in the garden or a pillow fight. Allow yourself the joy of truly playing together or even organise a day out!

If we're going outside then choose somewhere that means something to you, whilst I know plenty of places we could use, if it's somewhere you know well you'll be instantly more relaxed.

be you...however chaotic that may be

Lifestyle session - At Home Maternity

Lifestyle session - At Home Maternity

Think about why you're having this shoot to make sure I know what to focus on. Is it a maternity shoot? Is there a special birthday coming up? Do you just want to remember your little ones as they are?

Whatever the reason you're doing this shoot three things to always remember:

  1. Have fun.
  2. Relaxed and be yourselves.
  3. HAVE FUN!

These photos will serve as a reminder of how quickly life can change and how we all need to slow down and enjoy moments for what they are.