How i work

Hi!! So I’ve decided to attempt to put the way I work into words (this is a challenge for me!) and let you know what to expect if you choose me to be your wedding photographer. Hopefully what I say below matches what you are looking for as for me the most important thing on a wedding day is that you feel comfortable and relaxed around me so we get the absolute best out of each other.

The first thing I will do with any couple is meet them - this is the absolute cornerstone of how I work, making sure from day one that you feel relaxed around me. This meeting is far, far from a sales pitch - ask any of my couples - usually this meeting is a, sometimes quite long, conversation about you, me and your wedding day plans. Undoubtedly we’ll fly off on a few tangents but as long as the conversation flows that’s the best sign for what is to come.


For me people are at their absolute best when they are being themselves and enjoying what they are doing whether this is marrying the love of their life, necking some shots at the bar or dancing like no one is watching. Some people call this reportage, documentary photography and a million other things but I just call it being real. I love to capture things as they happen naturally, telling an honest story of the day rather than forcing moments to happen. Sometimes a slight suggestion might pop out but the last thing I want is to be a “wedding day dictator”. I want you to know me enough to be able to ignore me so I’ll never take over but I won’t be hiding bushes.

This always helps the couples who tell me immediately they hate having their photograph taken - I like to get to know all of my couples well enough that I become just another face in the crowd and someone they can have a laugh with. I will always maintain that a laugh in a photograph looks so much better than a faked toothy smile (and this is coming from someone who quadruples the amount of chins I have when I laugh).


I love bright, light and natural photographs; people laughing, enjoying themselves and occasionally despairing at the story being recanted during a speech. It’s also important to me to capture all of the details of your day from the venue all the way down to the tiny personal touches you’ve planned as well as the big moments of the wedding day.

I don’t do gimmicks - I believe in my three key words which are honest, natural and creative. To me creativity isn’t superimposing dinosaurs, choking you to death with smoke bombs or making you wait ages whilst I compose the ‘perfect’ shot; it’s about capturing what is happening in a way thats reflect the couple I am working with. I don’t use drones or massive lights, there may be some discreet use of flash to make sure I can capture things into the night but it’s all about using the light that is already there rather than turning your wedding day into a styled shoot.


I usually start the ‘formal’ portion of the photography with the group photographs, which I’ve written some advice about here, but then I will take you off for a couple of photographs, just the two of you but I like all of my couples to see this time as a bit of a break. Being the centre of attention all day can be an absolute nightmare for some couples so this time, just the two of you (and me) is a vitally important part of the day. We’ll get a couple of your typical wedding photographs, what I call my “Big 6”, the ones that are destined to sit on your parents mantlepiece but mostly I will focus on you being you. Capturing the two of your celebrating your love and enjoying the day you will feel the closest to each other.

Why do I like to keep it so natural? Well the simple answer is that the events of your wedding day are big, exciting and real and I think the best photographs are ones that ooze that natural, unforced feel and make your wedding photographs feel timeless. You want to look back at your wedding photographs and let them spark memories of a moment, a conversation or a sense.


Being someone who loves to capture a moment I don’t time limit my wedding packages as if everyone is enjoying themselves and having a good time there’s more to capture so I generally ‘read a room’ before I pack my things up to make sure we’ve captured the party but the friends and family maintain their dignity.

After the wedding day I hand edit all of the photographs and usually get a sample sent across within a few days so you have something to share straight away. I like to keep my editing style very minimal with my signature style and won’t be photoshopping the life out of you to make you look like someone else, I keep it natural and most of my photoshop time is spent getting rid of fire escape signs, electricity pylons or anything that distracting from the moment.


Want to know more about how I work? Why not get in touch and let’s sort out going for a drink and a chat - I’ll pre-warn you I like a good talk but I blame my Nanna for that…