At home baby shoot with the Latues


When Carley and Anth got in touch with me to ask if I would do some photographs of their little one I instantly said "Of course". Quite soon after I thought "How do I do this and still make it feel like me?"

I've spent three years finding my style and focusing on how I shoot a wedding so I wanted to make sure that whatever I did with Alfie still had that same relaxed, natural vibe.

Anyone who has worked with me will tell you I hate anything false or cheesy when I'm photographing, I like to capture people for who they are. So my brain just kept screaming the question "how do I do this with a, not quite, 6 month old baby??"

Luckily when I suggested we do a mix of the natural where he plays and has fun (which in Alfie's case means putting anything he can into his mouth) but we also get some gorgeous more 'formal' shots both Carley and Anth leapt at it!


Firstly, what a little beaut this one is! He just chuckled and played all morning and was quite happy to just be left to do what he wanted to do. This mostly involved him chewing his feet...or Tigger...or his parent's hands but he was a happy so we left him to it!

I brought with me a few blankets to give us some 'clean' backdrops for photographs but they would still feel more natural than the 'perfect' white backdrops that usually feature in baby photo sessions. I didn't want this shoot to feel stuffy and 'ordinary' with Alfie being forced into what looks like uncomfortable poses and being contorted to within an inch of their life...I'll be totally honest, that kind of thing scares me! Whilst it can look beautiful and I admire the people who do it, it's just not 'me' and how I like to photograph a session.

The priority throughout the whole shoot was to 'capture Alfie' as he is which I quite quickly learned was a little person who is incredibly inquisitive, a little adventurer and doesn't like outfit changes (but when Daddy produces music then we HAD to get the "The Original / The Remix" t-shirts in there). Oh and one who loves a game of 'Baby Aeroplane'. Also, for a change, he was quite taken by my camera. This meant whilst he would quite happily look at me, I was also regularly having to clean tiny fingerprints off my lens.


Once some of the formal shots had been captured we decided to just let Alfie play as, let's face it, children are more happy and compliant when they're happily playing. So this is when Tigger got a good chewing and I got a look of "You're not normally here when I play" (see below!)

As requested we wanted to get a few photos of the three Latues together, still natural and effortless, but with a bunny bouncing on my lens (not a real one!) to keep Alfie's attention. One thing I have learned from photographing and working with children is once they've had enough, they've had enough. I don't want to try to push them and potentially traumatise a small child so we decided to call it a day as I'd got more than what I needed to capture.

I loved doing this shoot with the Latues, still keeping it natural and relaxed with a mix of the formal and the informal. If you want to have a baby or family shoot that's a more natural and a little less staged get in touch!