Sapphire and margaret…i mean martyn’s wedding preview

Let’s just start by saying I bloody love this pair, over many long dinners we have gotten to know each other really well over the last 18 months and that just meant the whole day they were relaxed and concentrating on having a good day rather than what I was doing. It also meant there was a tonne of innuendo and laughing throughout the whole day.

Both of them got ready at the lovely Dovehouse Cottages in Shustoke, meaning my walkie talkies came in handy so I could flit between them both getting ready in the morning followed by a lovely church service (even with a slight hiccup on the names) and their reception at Wishaw Country Sport which led me to be on a table with absolute filth bags and I loved it! An incredible sunset and some rule breaking lead to one of my favourite evening shoots I’ve done in my career so far!

Date 24th August 2019

Location St Nicholas Church, Curdworth & Wishaw Country Sports