Sharing the start of my summer sessions

At home family session - it's play time!

When building your portfolio why not start using my own niece and nephew? Knowing they'd be completely relaxed and silly with me there was no better way to help communicate the kind of photography I want to do when it comes to family shoots. They were just completely themselves; from hiding under the covers to jumping on the bed these two just played and let me capture it all. Doing things they loved these photographs just captured the true essence of these two little tinkers. Phoebe reading a book and Louie playing with his train set (they must have uncles with excellent taste in presents!) they loved just being allowed to be themselves while I contorted into all sorts of bizarre positions to get the shots!

Phoebe and Louie-5.jpg

relaxed at home maternity session

There are few things in this world that are more precious than a little bubbah so when a couple who's wedding I photographed last year asked me to do some maternity photography I first though "Oh amazing!" and then I thought "Oh crap!" as I'd never done them before.

When having a little look for some inspiration I kept coming across semi-naked woman with everything hanging out and wrapped in floaty fabric and to say a shiver when up my spine is something of an understatement as that would be my worst nightmare. So I figured I'd just go as me and photograph exactly how I did their wedding; simple, honest and natural and the results are the kind of thing I started offering the summer sessions for!