Wedding Wednesday - Becca and Mike

This week's Wedding Wednesday is all about the gorgeous Becca and Mike and their beautiful wedding day at Warwick House in Southam, Warwickshire.

A drizzly November morning saw me heading to the beautiful Warwick House (after accidentally driving past it twice!) ready for the Edwards' wedding. Becca and Mike found me after I photographed one of Becca's school friends and from the second I met them we all got on incredibly well and knew we were a good fit for each other.

The morning was spent getting ready in the beautiful changing room at the venue and just as everyone was ready to go and I'd got their son into his wedding suit to make sure we were all on time and ready for the ceremony.

The ceremony was beautifully simple with a gorgeous reading from one of the bridesmaids and their son being the ring bearer (I'm pretty sure this would have been Nala if the venue had been Newfoundland-friendly!) Whilst the guests tucked into the mini fish and chips I snook the new Mr and Mrs Edwards off for their portraits, keeping it simple as always we had a real laugh and used the venue as best as we could. Including the beautiful windows in the bridal suite.

The receiving line was an ideal opportunity for Becca and Mike to make sure they had seen everyone before the meal and gave me a good chance to see who was sitting where to get the best 'guest reacting to speeches' moments that I could. I took my seat, was fed and entertained by my table-mates until the speeches. They were kept very simple, but were heartfelt and hilarious in equal measure. It was also the first time I was thanked in a speech which immediately made me embarrassed and all shy!

The guests made their way outside for sparklers and then the party started! The over-proof rum was being passed around and enjoyed by all as they prepared for the first dance. Mike's hours in the gym meant he easily swept his new wife off her feet and then everyone danced the night away.

It was such a gorgeously simple wedding completely focused on Becca and Mike and the absolute sweethearts that they are!