Wedding & engagement photography 

Wedding days are bloody brilliant. Honestly, they’re just the best!! Some of my favourite things that happen on a wedding day are the bits that ‘just happen’ and I capture this as the day unfolds. As well as capturing the spontaneous moments I also love to produce some beautiful portraits, kept simple and all about you.


Humans are spontaneous creatures and when you get all your friends and family together there are bound to be moments of mischief and madness happening on your wedding day. These are always some of my favourite things to capture, from the organised chaos that is the morning preparations right the way through to the crazy shapes being thrown on the dance floor during the evening. These things happen on your day and they’re all a part of your story.


As well as the more spontaneous moments it’s always nice to have a little break and get some photographs of just the two of you. We keep it simple, focussing on you guys having a good time and getting the odd shot to go on Mom’s mantlepiece. All the fake sh*t can just do one! I won’t make you peer around a tree, lie on the floor or any of that rubbish. We just go for a walk, have a laugh - usually over something massively inappropriate - and let you have a bit of time on your own being yourselves.

Pre-wedding Photoshoots

Let’s face it, none of us are massively comfortable being in front of the camera so a pre-wedding photoshoot is always a good idea to help relieve some of the stress and pressure that can get built up in your heads about the portraits before your wedding day. Read some more about pre-wedding shoots here.