Adam and sarah's marvel of a wedding

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From the beginning of this venture of starting a business I had been desperate to work at The West Mill in Derby and I finally got to! The fact it was also the wedding of two very close friends made it all the more special for a first time.

If you're a Potter-head or a massive fan of Marvel well this is absolutely the wedding for you, from the puns in the speeches to the table décor right the way through to the bride and grooms shoes, everything in this wedding was totally catered for Adam and Sarah. All of this backdropped by the gorgeous venue with it's industrial details and original features it was a marvel of a wedding.

Let's start this all by talking about details, details, details. Pretty much everything that this couple had at their wedding was meticulously handmade by themselves and just worked perfectly to make it all their wedding.

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Adam and his groomsmen all had buttonholes made themed around superheroes with each one featuring a different superhero. Adam, of course, had first choice so went 'full Spiderman' from the socks, cufflinks right the way down to his underwear (I didn't see this, it was anecdotal!) and all the groomsmen getting a different superhero complete with a lego mini-figure and buttonhole made from the matching comic book. Then we get to the shoes, patent black with decoupaged Spiderman comic books on the toes they were definitely unique! 

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Sarah, being something of a Potter-head herself, had an absolutely gorgeous paper bouquet which they made from pages of Harry Potter books with smaller ones for the bridal party all handmade by the couple (I've been thoroughly recommending that start to set up and Etsy store as they'd make a bloody fortune!). As well as this Sarah too had some cleverly decorate shoes with symbols, pages and the words After all this time? Always emblazoned upon them. Again just make this wedding so 'Adam and Sarah' there needs to be an adjective invented to describe it.

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The ceremony was incredibly heartfelt and just a little bit bonkers but I wouldn't expect anything less. You can tell just by seeing how they look at each other that these two just laugh with each other all the time and everytime they made eye contact throughout the ceremony they couldn't help but smile. The readings were perfect for these two as well, the first a reading about marriage being about putting up with morning breath and farts and the second involving a guest's dramatic delivery of the lyrics of I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness which even had the registrars in fits of giggles. (This last one was a bit of a set up as Adam had previously done a reading at his wedding of the The Owl and The Pussycat so had to say the phrase "Oh Pussy" more times than he'd probably wanted to surrounded by people he didn't know).

I want to kiss you every minute, every hour, every day.
You've got me in a spin but everything is A OK!

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With rings exchanged, the register signed and the newlyweds departing their ceremony to Hooked on a Feeling from Guardians of the Galaxy (surprise, surprise!) it was time to get the guests out into the beautiful courtyard by the river on a gloriously sunny August afternoon. Sipping Pimms and beers whilst nibbling the delicious canapes you could tell by looking this was just going to be a really easy going, relaxed wedding day. With the group shots taken using the steps and the beautiful River Derwent as the backdrop I stole the bridal party to take their photographs inside, not only to give Adam and Sarah a little break from standing in the sun (and to take advantage of the air conditioning) but also to use the beautiful leather club chairs as a bit of a shift up from the 'standing in a line' shots.

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Once these were done it was time to head down into the meal which was simply incredible! The room looked awesome with the spray painted bottles in their copper and purple theme, the paper rose background behind the couple and the Lego superheroes which signified which table the guests were sat at. With the father of the bride's speech first it was so obvious how much he absolutely adores his daughter and how well he knows them both by creating a Meatloaf song lyric contest between the two of them (this pair, well mainly Adam, are insanely competitive!) Adam's speech was full of praise for his beautiful wife, full of, unsurprisingly, comic book references (including one that I think even the most hardened geek would struggle to have got) and full of giggles from the guests. Now came the best man, he'll admit he's not the most natural of public speakers but it's quite easy to rib Adam so he did a grand job of pointing out his flaws (there were many according to Carl) and praising his positives (which appeared to just be his skills with Maths).

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After the glasses had been charged for the last time the guests made their way upstairs where the father of the bride and the bride did a little mini concert. With Sarah's dad accompanying on the piano Sarah played the cornet for the guests, again a little touch that made this wedding so quintessentially Adam and Sarah. It was such a lovely moment seeing that connection between father and daughter without a word being spoken.

When they'd finished I stole Adam and Sarah for their portraits using the beautiful windows of the venue, heading around to the fire escape on the building (not the most romantic concept I know, but they got engaged in New York so it tied a little more of their story into the day) and then down to the riverside walk at the venue to take advantage that the sun was beginning to set.

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Once I'd returned them to the wedding party it was time to 'cut the cake' (there was a minor 'incident' with this but nothing that the guests would have known) and for their first dance. Usually the same songs pop up during the first dances, usually something romantic about being madly in love or not being able to live without each other, but not for these two. They chose Your Personal Penguin sung by Davy Jones, from the book by Sandra Boynton complete with penguin waddle dance moves. Perfect!

I want to be your personal penguin; I want to walk right by your side
I want to be your personal penguin; I want to travel with you far and wide

Once the song was finished I was, quite sternly, told that I was finished and I was to transform into my alter ego of 'wedding guest' (seeing as I am writing this at 6am with a cuppa the next morning with what can only be described as ‘Rum Mouth’ I think my alter ego did well). So after backing up their photographs, having a shower and an outfit change in the beautiful Mill House that this venue offers for guests to stay over I was back and quite swiftly downing a few rums before hitting the dancefloor and dancing the night away with everybody whilst the band played.

This was such a quirky little wedding with insanely personal and well-considered touches in one bloody incredible venue! I can't wait to get back here, hopefully, at some point in the future but for now this day belonged to The Peasleys.

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Venue | The West Mill

Dress | Bertex Bride

Suit | The Drop - custom made suits

Real Flowers | Flints Forest

Cake | Wassana’s Cakes of Wonder

Band | Phil Rostance and the Marshall Band

All other details were made by the couple themselves!